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How to Use SEO in 2019

How to Effectively Use SEO in 2019

In 2019, SEO can be a very important part of your marketing strategy – and it can be almost invisible. If you are using marketing strategies that involve a website that isn’t Gmail, SEO will be there. Doing it right means looking through everything you do through an SEO lens. Ask yourself: is this discoverable? How can people find it?

A fair amount of that will come from simply making sure relevant keywords are included somewhere, in some way, on your website. If your business sells candles, you should be using the word “candle” in your content. Content is key here. When people are testing a website to see if they can trust it, they will go to a blog before continuing with the product page. You needn’t overload your copy with keywords, as it’s not likely to be how you get discovered.

Even if you aren’t producing written content, SEO is necessary. Podcasts need to be optimized to be found within iTunes. YouTube videos need work to be easily discoverable, as YouTube logs videos based on their closed captioning for their search engine. Even local businesses that do 0 online business need SEO. Not much, but still. Google will check your businesses website and what your customers are saying to find.

In 2019, the best SEO is almost incidental. That’s why it’s so crucial, though. SEO can be easily ignored, but – if you accept that the devil is in the details – you can generate enormous amounts of traffic. Google is absolutely everywhere, and it’ll take your business with you if you’ll go. SEO can’t singlehandedly power your digital marketing, but no channel really can. Whatever your digital marketing plan for this year is, you can almost certainly increase its effectiveness by working on how and how much SEO you’re doing.

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