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Our Story

From Online Web Strategies, Offline and Digital Marketing, Branding, Social Media Channels, Responsive Web Design, and Content, to Email Strategies, Public Relations, and Traditional Advertising, our experienced team of professionals will coordinate and implement a custom-designed, cohesive marketing plan that will cost-effectively produce superior results and increase your revenue.


With over thirty years marketing startups, small to large businesses and corporations, Jeff Schlesinger and his experienced and dedicated staff at AIM will provide cost-effective marketing plans designed specifically for your business. Our experience helping businesses meet their goals is our dedicated commitment to each client.

Making the right choices that will best reach your target market with the right message is imperative. Sharing content in today's marketplace is vital to a company's success. AIM’s experience in the Florida market provides us with the tools and ability to create and implement a cost-effective marketing plan designed to reach your target market.

                                         Your Story


Am I using the right channels to reach my specific market?

To reach Millennials are you using the same methods and transporters to reach Baby Boomers?

Am I happy where my optimization (SEO) is when I do a google search?

If you are not on the first page of related are losing business... and need help.

Am I getting the 'Best Bang for the Buck'?

If you have hired a professional marketing group, you may be--depending on their experience with your product or service, and their familiarity with your market and marketplace.

We have been marketing, but not getting the results we want.

You are probably concerned about the tactics, but not the strategy. You need an integrated strategy that allows the tactics to fit into an overall marketing program to achieve your desired results.


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