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Social Media.  SEO.  Websites.  eMail Marketing.  Public Relations...



BRANDING - Through Internet, traditional sharing of content, and strategic positioning of your product and services… a brand is created. The brand is the distinct marketing of your product that influences your demographic. Your brand is the promise you make to your customers. 

LOGO - AIM creates distinctive and one-of-a–kind logos as part of the branding process. Updating your image or creating a distinctive look and message with a new or revised logo is an important element of your brand. 


BUDGETING - AIM will produce a detailed marketing budget tailor-made for your product that efficiently and cost-effectively reaches your market. We analyze the market for your product and customize a marketing strategy that fits your budget and gets results without waste or duplication. 


CONSULTING - AIM provides advice, reviews of your current budget, marketing, and ad placement, suggesting cost-efficient options. Vision with experience is a welcome addition to companies interested in establishing relationships with customers and increasing profits. 


TRENDS - With constant research, we find new ways to expose your brand and product to potential buyers. Additional portals are important as trends of communication change quickly and periodically. We want to ride the curve, and anticipate its effectiveness to reach your targeted market.

MEDIA/TRADES – AIM will contact media to evaluate which is the best solution in regards to cost-effectively reaching your target market. AIM will price marketing and advertising trades (printers, etc.) to secure the best possible price and meet our high standards of expertise and quality.

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Public Relations management is designed to make your product top-of-mind among prospective buyers through media exposure and contact to the public. AIM will explore and suggest partnering with charity organizations and promote your company online and offline.


PRESS RELEASES – Press releases are a vital ingredient in an integrated plan to reach potential customers. Our media contacts make a difference in the success of placing stories and special features with online and offline media outlets. AIM will develop and submit items for release that gain exposure to the marketplace. 


BLOGS - Blogging is one of the best ways to optimize your online presence. Blogs must be educational and intended to provide information focused to your target market. They create an additional indexed page that improves your search engine capability. As part of your social media content blogs play an important role in content sharing, converting traffic, and generating new leads. 


EMAIL BLASTS - Email marketing is one of the premier formats to export your message to a very targeted market. This is a cost-effective strategy to aim your brand directly at the prospective buyer or representative, make it easy for the recipient to respond and to stay in front of your database with updated information and content. Email marketing is very efficient and can create a very high return per cost. 

WEBSITE/MOBILE SITE – AIM will create, host, and manage your company website. If you already have a website we will advise and suggest alterations that make the site more functional and able to reach your site goals. We will analyze traffic and navigational habits visitors are experiencing and recommend changes in content and structure that will provoke better response.


SOCIAL MEDIA – Online Marketing is a necessity in today’s marketplace. Exposure on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and You Tube provide an excellent way to express your message through the branding of your company, and awareness for your product. AIM creates online connections to prospects that share and read your content creating traffic and interest to your product. Social Media helps build links that improve SEO, and will improve your online presence. All online media channels will be updated on continual basis. 


DIRECTORIES – Posting profile pages with photos on directory sites, including Manta, Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo, Kudzu, and dozens more. This will greatly help your SEO, your online profile and make it easier for future clients to find you on the Internet. 


REAL ESTATE DIRECTORIES  - Posting content on real estate specific sites such as Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Houzz, etc. can provide additional exposure. Strategic distribution among real estate networks is key to where AIM will post listings that best create prospects for your specific market.


SEO - Optimizing your traffic is highly sought after and can be accomplished through constant managing of tactics and data. Keywords and more importantly, the resurgence of long-tail keywords (phrases) and how they are posted on your site will greatly affect SEO. Periodically updating web page content and sharing content with online connections (links) will improve your rankings. Google interprets the data posted on your site, and evaluates your message, including how your site navigates and its structure.

ANALYTICS - Analyzing the analytics to your company’s website is very important. Tracking the navigation habits and patterns of visitors to your site provides an indication of how the site is functioning. Alterations to the site will be recommended to create longer and more productive visits. If visitors are closing out after one page or a brief visit, and if they are avoiding important pages and not responding or contacting you, the site will need to be modified.


 CPC (Cost Per Click) -  Advertising channels are ideal to drive clicks for specific product or a special feature. With Google Adwords, you control your budget. Through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) your ads are placed according to keywords that connect to searches. You are charged only when your ad is clicked. CPC advertising is a very cost-effective way to reach your market. You set a cap on the monthly budget and you will never go over that limit. 


FACEBOOK ADS - AIM creates Facebook ads for you that expand your circle of followers. Facebook click-throughs are a friendly market specific approach. Facebook ads are very targeted ads to specific audiences regarding all factors of demographics.


VIDEO - Posting video on YouTube and Instagram can attract an expanded audience to your message. These videos can also be posted on your website to create additional interest and content. Streaming video on the numerous video sharing networks is a great way to expand your audience with a visual message. 


PRINT ADS - Both magazine and newspaper print ads in a physical product is still very much an effective method of reaching your target market. AIM will research and suggest ad placement, size, and frequency of ads, then produce and place all print media advertising.

RADIO ADS – AIM will suggest specific stations and times based on ratings, pricing, and targeted market. We don’t suggest a major radio buy, but radio is a very good avenue for keeping your name in the public “ear” and to promote a specific event or story. We will produce ads and place with appropriate stations within your budget.


WEB BANNERS – Web banner ads on online websites can be very effective.

They are cost-effective and flexible in size and exposure. Local and regional publications offer a variety of sizes and budgets to reach your target market.


TELEVISION ADS – Television is still a premier method of transporting your message to a targeted market. It can be cost-effective, but can be expensive due to the frequency needed to make an impression. Television is certainly an option. Production is expensive, so a commitment to a consistent budget is suggested. 


ID PACKAGE - Every successful company needs a cohesive and distinctive ID Package, which includes business card layout and production for all employees, letterhead and envelopes, all coordinated utilizing the same graphic and color scheme. 


PRESENTATION FOLDER - An upscale presentation folder (for builders and developers), with pockets, die-cut for business card. Depending upon budget and market inserted pages may be added, or individual insert sheets can be utilized for site plans, floor plans, features, builder or developer’s story and pricing. Inserts can easily be replaced due to alterations and changes. This will be handed out to serious prospects.

TRI-FOLD RACK BROCHURE - This is an inexpensive one-page or tri-fold rack-type brochure providing a smaller and shorter version of a presentation folder. It is a much less expensive handout to possible prospects, and is much more cost-effective than distributing the presentation folder.


ADDITIONAL GRAPHICS – AIM will produce graphics for sales centers, point of sales, in-house displays, architectural renderings, floor plans, to be used for sales centers displays, brochures, signage, and additional collateral material. 


SIGNAGE – All signage should be consistent with all other graphics. AIM designs signage and works with the sign companies and county to reach maximum exposure and size allotted. 



Marketing supplies a number of plusses for your company. Even though a percentage of your customers may come from recommendations via past and current clients, your exposure serves to find new customers and re-enforce your presence to former ones. Your exposure online and offline will enhance your recommendation pipeline. 

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