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Engagement is the Number One Metric for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Engagement is the number one metric for influencer marketing campaigns! Engagement is proof of direct response to an influencer’s photo, video, or blog post about your product. Put another way, engagement shows who is listening!

While some influencers have hundreds of thousands of followers, what does that really mean if only a few hundred of them interact with the post — acknowledging that they have been “influenced” by the post? This is where several small business owners can gain traction by hiring several micro-influencers rather than one large mainstream influencer campaign.

Micro-influencers are often more authentic and have more of a one-on-one relationship with their followers, indicating higher engagement rates than mainstream influencers and more acknowledgment of your brand!

Another way to determine the impact of influencers is to look at how they are affecting your strategy on a broader scale. Often influencers can get away with being authentic while tagging or calling out a brand specifically in their posts. For example, on Instagram one of my favorite influencers told a fabulous story about meeting the owner of a company, a personal story about how she admired that person, and then was able to tag that person’s company and product directly in the comments.

Legally, influencers are required to say through their comments, location, or hashtag use that they are part of a paid campaign. However, when an influencer can assign a personal experience to promoting a brand, their fans are more likely to connect and less likely to avoid that influencer in the future.

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