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Can an Influencer on Social Media Boost Your Brand?

If you haven’t considered this popular trend, it’s time to think again.

Although influencer marketing has been a popular practice for many years, it has only recently become a mainstream trend. Influencer marketing can be useful for businesses of pretty much any type and size. The difficulty comes in figuring out if your campaign is worth your investment and having the impact you desire.

Influencer marketing refers to any campaign that uses a person with a large reach in social media to promote a brand. There are celebrity influencers (famous people) and micro-influencers (people who have an influence in a specific industry or local area).

1. Influencer Reach To choose the right social media influencer, you’re going to need to consider their reach. There are two main metrics that measure reach. One is the number of active followers. The other is number of impressions created as a result of those followers engaging with the post.

In other words, reach goes beyond follower count. Depending on the social media platform the influencer is using, the number of impressions that can come from a social media campaign can easily snowball with engagements.

When considering reach, you’re determining whether you’d like to use micro-influencers or larger, more mainstream influencers for your influencer marketing campaign.

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